Sunday, May 30, 2010


Walking down the street,
Chilling wind so freeze.
On my way to grocery,
Just another midnight lonely.

A man in dark sweater,
Never thought; my grim reaper.
A gun was pointed on my head,
Freezing with the chilling wind.

Grim demands green notes in the purse,
Giving him might end this curse,
But grim wants no witnesses,
And the death scythe swings.

A bullet that pierce through innocence,
A bullet that cracks heart into piece,
A bullet that shatters dream,
A bullet that knows nothing but destruction.

I saw myself falling down.
The world seems to be drowned,
By the dripping blood and tears,
For the grim knows no fear.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Support Sex Education in Malaysia

The implementation of sex education in Malaysia still remained controversial as there are several difficulties that the students, teachers and parents might face if sex education would be included in academic syllabus. However, I believe that sex education will bring about huge benefit for our society.

First of all, sex education will expose students about the consequences of unhealthy sexual activities such as free sex. They will know that by having multiple sex partners will greatly increase the chances of getting Sexually-Transmitted Diseases, for examples, AIDS, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. Therefore, they will think twice before they commit themselves into free sex and as a result, premarital pregnancy rate will fall and cases of newborn being dumped will decrease as well.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food Drive

Last week, Mr. Derick told us about this campaign called "Food Drive".

No, not the McD Drive-Thru.

It is a campaign in we provide free food for the homeless people (around Malaysia only I think).

One thing that strike my mind the most is that, Mr. Derick told us about an incident where he encountered an old lady. That old lady asked him for food. He then gave her a packet of Tiger Biscuit which was in his bag. The lady was so grateful and said that this one packet of biscuits could lasted her for three days.

I finished one whole packet during tea time.

See, many of us consider having meal as a routine but these people(homeless) don't. They won't even know when there will be food for them, let alone being full. They don't ask for anything else but food that can fill their stomach and keep them alive.

I might as well think that this is the time where those luxurious stuff (eg: PSP, iPhone, LV bags) becomes ashes for them. What comes to them now are the basic necessities. Food, clothes,shelter and transport. Food, perhaps being the most important thing among the four, as it is essential for survival.

I'm not sure how exactly are we going to involve in this campaign and what kind of food suits them most but I'm pretty sure that Tiger Biscuit definitely won't go wrong with it.

cause even air hostesses use it to pacify small kids. XD

Photo of air hostesses credits to Felicia.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Viewing Log: Australia (2008)

How does the text relate to the theme of a journey?

In the beginning, it was about 3 different people with different aim of journey. First it was Lady Sarah Ashley who travelled from London down to Australia to sell her property Faraway Downs. Then it was Drover who was Sarah’s husband helper and he is a drover who does not work with anyone so one can hire or fire him. Last was Nullah who was an aboriginal child, his aim was simple, and that was to go for walkabout to become a man. 3 of them were never related until Sarah arrived at Darwin and she met Drover and later on, Nullah. In the end, they led the same journey of taking the cattle across the desert to Darwin to sell to the Army.

When people share the same aim of journey, they tend to stay together. As a result, Sarah started to fall in love with Drover as they came across different kinds of life obstacles. Nullah, on the other who had lost his mother has found motherly love and care from Sarah. Throughout the whole journey, the relationship between 3 of them had changed from complete strangers to beloved family members.

What is the main issue of the text?

There are 2 main issues been reflected through the text. First it was the assimilation policy for indigenous Australians in northern territory that forces the aboriginal children to be taken away from their families and were placed in mission to phase out their culture. They were to service the white society in the future. Because of that, the aborigines were been looked down on and discriminated by the white society.

The other topic was about the consequences of war. The story sets in around the time of World War II. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese army struck on Darwin, a city in the northern area of Australia. The movie shows how the Japanese army mercilessly bombed the whole Darwin into ashes even the holy missions were the first to be invaded. Many people died. This shows that war brings only despair, not peace.

What quality do you admire or dislike in a character?

In the story, I dislike Neil Fletcher the most. Being the main antagonist in the story, Neil was an extremely cunning man. First, he interfered the drive of cattle by Sarah by lighting flame around the bush that caused a stampede. This led the cattle running towards the cliff. Then he cut off a safe place by igniting another fire. Out of a sudden, Flynn’s horse broke a leg and he was thrown down. In the end, Flynn was trampled and died.

In addition, Fletcher killed Sarah husband using a glass tipped arrow in order to frame King George for the murder because glass tipped arrow was known to be found with King George. Besides that, he killed Carney by purposely pushing him into a river with alligators and Carney was eaten by them. His objective was to take over the whole Carney Cattle Corporation.

How does the text develop your understanding to the world?

The text highlights war and discrimination. It let us know that war brings only despair and destruction of human kind. From the movie, we could see all the buildings in Darwin were bombarded and reduced to ash. Thousands of innocent lives were killed during the war. Therefore, it is wiser for nation politicians to solve international problems through diplomacy and not bloodshed.

Next is the discrimination of races. In the movie, Nullah was been caught by the authority in northern Australia because of an assimilation policy. The policy forced the aboriginal children to be taken away from their families and send to missions where they were taught to provide services to the white society in the future. As a human being, we should treat everyone equally regardless of their races, skins and cultures because we are all God’s creation. Continuity of discrimination will only cause hatred among people and we should stop that as far as we could.

Reading Log: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint

How does the text relate to the theme of a journey?

The story started with the author travelling alone. When he had an accident in the Sahara Dessert, he met the little prince. The little prince told him about his own journey on how he finally came to the Earth after visiting some of the planets. Thus, the text is mainly focusing around the adventure of the little prince.

What is the main issue in the text?

The story centered on how the thoughts of a child differ from that of the grown-ups. The grown-ups like to talk about things that are more realistic (eg: power, wealth, appearance). On the contrary, children are more likely to appreciate the true beauty of nature (eg: stars, flowers and volcanoes) which the grown-ups normally would not care about. In addition, grown-ups prefer stuff like geography, arithmetic and history (subjects that require memorizing skills) while children favor things like drawing and painting (subjects that need creativity). In brief, there is often conflict between grown-ups and children because both parties carrying a different point of view.

What quality do you admire or dislike in a character?

I admire the little prince the most. He has many good characteristic. Firstly, he never gives up asking the same question again and again until he gets a satisfying answer. For example, when he asked the fox what is mean by “tame”, he asked for 3 times until the fox finally explained to him. Other than that, he likes to care for the nature. He devoted his love and care towards the flowers and volcanoes. For example, a flower he took care of, which is the one and only, he works out everything according to the flower’s needs, watering it, protecting it from drought with screen and put it under a glass dome when the weather is cold. Last but not least, he is an adventurous and brave boy. He travelled across seven planets all by his own. Besides, he also dares to speak up his mind to oppose the thoughts and views of the adults.

How does the text develop your understanding to the world?

In the world of grown-ups, everything has to be related with realistic. They do not have time to think about abstract stuff which they cannot see with their naked eyes. As mentioned by the author in the text, ‘But eyes are blind. One must look with the heart’, adults are blindfolded by power, wealth, figures, egoism. They keep on searching for these things to feed their endless demand which in the end, they always do not satisfy with the result and often trapped within these traps set by them.

Children think simpler. Because their mind are not polluted by various external factor, they do not have unlimited demand. They can achieve satisfaction over a little thing such as watching the stars. They are not constricted to think creatively so they could let their imagination run wild by looking at something. Thus, they establish different perspectives from a thing, perhaps the views that no other adults could see with flat thinking.

However, as we grow up, we started to see things differently from what we saw when we were kids. The cruelty of society we learned after becoming adult will start to affect our original thinking of how the world is like and should be. Without having a good sense of realization and firm mentality, we will slowly turned into the adult that have the same thinking as mentioned just now. Therefore, we should establish our own principle and follow it and do not let the negative external factors influence our purest heart.

Author: Antoine de Saint